A happy welcome to lovely baking enthusiasts! My name is Malaika, and I am your guide to your next amazeballs meal.

I have always been so intrigued by the art form of food. Getting to create something that hopefully tastes amazing, and something you put your best efforts in to make look its best.

You get to bake or cook something that is yours and entirely isn’t as well, because what’s the point of using your skill if others can’t enjoy it?

Of course, sometimes it is sorrowful when something you worked long hours on and devoted yourself to is consumed in mere seconds, but that’s what makes any art form so special.

The journey may be tedious, and it may have failed attempts, but if you get a result that you and others fall in love with, it doesn’t need to last forever.

It should simply be something you can be proud of. For that reason, I don’t get so sad when my treats get consumed anymore.

On the note of art forms, I dabble in a few others myself. I am not only a baker, but a dancer, a guitar player, a bubbling fashion fanatic, an occasional painter who knows little about what she is doing, and an unofficial critic and lover of movies.

I dedicate most of my time to these passions, but I still find ways to make meaningful impacts around me. We are all trying to find our purpose and motives for joy.

I have found joy in my lovely family, this blog, and art forms. I certainly do not have everything figured out, but creating gives me a sense of stability.

By creating food, dances, songs, and literature, I create art. I have always had a creative and artistic side which gives me comfort even in the darkest times.

That being said, no matter what life throws at me, I am always encouraging and daring to keep my creativity intact. This blog is my little piece of creativity for you.

It has been a pleasure to encounter you in our grand cosmos reader, and I encourage you to create art.


Malaika Mumba