Best time to eat dark chocolate for weight loss

Best time to eat dark chocolate for brain

It’s only fair that after learning how to make homemade dark chocolate, the next stop should be knowing the best time to eat dark chocolate for weight loss. If you are like me who normally likes to plan ahead of time when I am following a healthy eating plan, you need to know when you should enjoy your sweet treat without feeling guilty.

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Homemade Oreo ice cream without ice cream maker

Homemade Oreo ice cream

Admittedly, Oreos hold a very special place in my heart. I constantly remind others that the Oreo is the powerhouse of the cell.  I always make sure to tell everyone I know about the importance of Oreo anatomy. The creamy rich vanilla center, the crunchy yet soft outer shell made of the finest cookie you’ve ever seen! A simple mix of cookies and cream united the world. Hence, this easy homemade Oreo ice cream!

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{Best ever}Healthy oatmeal bars recipe

healthy oatmeal bars recipe

Let’s get straight into it. Healthy oatmeal bars make such an amazing substitute for traditional breakfast when you are on the go, or just need a delicious healthy snack.

When it comes to healthy snacks in my home, I always know when a recipe is a hit on miss based on the reaction I get from my teen girls. We (make that they) have tossed aside lots of healthy recipes because they would rather reach for the cookie jar than have second helpings.

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